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BallyhooTV Digital Display

Affordable digital signage and communication service can keep your employees or visitors informed without breaking the bank.

BallyhooTV is a cloud-based digital signage and communication service, designed to engage with an audience through entertaining, informing and promoting. It’s ideal for large flat-screen displays and great for interoffice communication and high-traffic areas.

What BallyhooTV (BHTV) can do for you


Messaging has never been easier! BHTV can be used as an effective digital bulletin board for interoffice employee communications.

Engage/ Educate

Educate your target market and prospects using vibrant, media-rich messaging about your products and services.

Dynamic Visuals

Provide dynamic visual content that sends a far more enticing message than static print media, at a lower overall cost.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes.

What if you could…

• Communicate with employees, across all departments and satellite offices, instantly using BHTV as a private digital bulletin board?
• Reduce costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute static signage?
• Inform your customers about sales and special promotions?
• Educate your prospects and clients about your services?
• Provide targeted information, based on the time of day, season or habits?
• Reduce perceived wait times by keeping your clients engaged and happy?
• Increase brand recognition?
• Turn patient waiting times into revenue?
• Have FULL control of your flat-screen advertising?

ballyhootv monitor in a waiting room
Ballyhootv waiting room display

With BallyhooTV you can:

  • Make instant updates to your message easily and as often as you want
  • Have 100% control over your content, 100% of the time
  • Access your secure account from any web browser
  • Create and save rotating timelines for future use
  • Specifically target rush-hour volumes (peak viewership times)
  • Incorporate YouTube videos, photos, text, and real-time news headlines,
    stock quotes, etc.
  • Have multiple screens throughout your premises
  • Keep your employees or audience informed through visual communication
  • Potentially generate advertising revenue by including ads on your screen for
    other complementary businesses and services


For more information, visit www.ballyhootv.com.

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